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 The boys no contact period is August 4 - Sept 1.

"Mandatory No Contact Periods are designed to provide for a break for students in team
sports either between sports or at the time when other sports seasons commence.


During this no-contact period, volleyball coaches may not supervise open gyms,
conduct fitness programs, or engage in any verbal contact which promotes their sports program."



 OHSBVA Membership Form for the 2015 Season




OHSBVA proudly announces
as our
corporate sponsor for the
for the 2014 State Championships.


So you are an Athletic Director, prospective coach, interested parent, or high school student!!! 

Contact an Expansion Committee member in your Region
to see what it takes to start a program at your high school. 


Boys volleyball is a growing sport and we'd like to help you any way possible.

There is a grant program in place for new teams to help with the costs
of starting a boys volleyball program.  Click Here for details.


 OBSVCA Recognizes 2014 All-Stars
Region All-Stars
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State All-Stars

 OBSVCA Recognizes 2014 Scholar-Athletes




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