Guidelines from the State of Ohio were published under Responsible RestartOhio (link below) and, along with COVID-19 Rule and Protocol Modifications published by the OHSAA, will be followed for the upcoming season.

Youth-Collegiate-Amateur-Club-Pro-Sports 10-6-20

Any requirements that are published or updated from the Governor of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health will be followed throughout the season. There may be local county Board of Health additional requirements to follow as well as individual school and school district guidelines.  


Beyond Responsible RestartOhio guidelines listed for all sports, we will follow safety-based decisions that may change during the season. It's in everyone's interest that boys' high school volleyball is played in a safe environment  with consideration for student-athletes, coaches, support staff, officials and spectators.


Schools may choose to configure their gyms in whatever way they see fit to promote safety and the well-being of everyone. Number of spectators will be limited. Schools will determine how often to sanitize volleyballs using the guidance provided by the OHSAA (click on link below). Wilson-Ball-Cleaning-Regulations-2021



Facilities across the state differ. Again, these decisions are to be made at the local level and not determined by the OHSAA. We want to continue to help with guidance where needed.








The OHSBVA proudly announces the

- partnering to grow boys' volleyball!



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VolleyWrite and the OHSBVA
are partnering to provide us with an
exceptional electronic scoring system.


Keeping score with VolleyWrite


Follow this link to the YouTube channel for VolleyWrite and see how the system works.


So, you are an Athletic Director, prospective coach,
interested parent, or high school student!!! 

Contact Craig Erford (OHSBVA President) to see what it takes to start a program at your high school. 


Boys' volleyball is a growing sport and we'd like to help you any way possible. There is a grant program in place for new teams to help with the costs of starting a boys' volleyball program.  Click Here for details.

New Program Fact Sheet







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